AWS Infrastructure

Migration Specialist

Our certified engineers can help architect cloud solutions , hybrid network setup, cloud security configuration, database and application migration

AWS Data Platform

Data Lake, IoT and ML

Cozent can help navigate plethora of both cloud and open source technologies and architect an ideal solution for your specific needs. 

Open Source Solutions

Cloud Scale Processing

Server consolidation reduces cost by streamlining your IT infrastructure. Cozent  has expertise in Spark, Docker & Kubernetes and Kafka Enterprise Data Pipeline to help you. 

AWS Infrastructure

We  bring AWS Subject Matter Expertise

We can help you navigate complex set of cloud technologies. We have certified and experienced engineers to assist your projects. 

Database Migration

Cozent can staff your projects to migrate homogeneous databases from on-prem to aws cloud or complete heterogeneous migration with schema conversion and procedural language migration and retrofitting.

Application Migration

Cozent provide professional staff for your end-to-end application migration. Setting up the necessary resources such as DNS, CDN, Load Balancer, Firewalls, Server and Serverless computing resources and plan & execute the migration.

AWS Data Platform

Business Analytics

We can provide SMEs for enterprise wide data collection, integration, quality control and transformation. Our experts can help you leverage AWS EMR or Talend Data Engineering tools to create ETL flows and Tableau for data visualizations.

Internet of Things Expertise

We can provide AWS FreeRTOS embedded programming professionals, AWS greengrass experts, AWS IoT Core experts and data pipeline, ETL and KPI developers.

AI & Machine Learning

Cozent provides highly skilled AWS SageMaker ML Engineers who can help you develop machine learning model, train and deploy for inferencing.

Open Source Technologies

Cloud Scale Distributed Processing Workloads

Data Transformation can be done using serverless lambda which can scale to cloud scale or we can leverage Apache Spark/Databricks for large scale distribution processing. Cozent can help you staff such complex projects.

Server Consolidation via Containerization

Cozent can provide SMEs for your Server Consolidation project creating multi-tenancy models, improving consistency and quality on deployments and reduce resource cost.

Enterprise Data Pipeline

We can help you with Enterprise Data Pipeline projects, Event Driven Model, Robust Messaging Platform and Real Time Solutions projects.